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Princess Merida Gif Hunt

I don’t own any of these GIFs.

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Gif Hunt da Princesa Merida de Valente?


After the Outbreak

There are seven billion people in the world. Could you control them all? 

In 2037, a virus broke out through out the United States. It started off as a common, albeit more severe, version of the flu. Suddenly what was supposed to be a common bug turned deadly. After millions died, the people turned to their government who had claimed to have created a vaccination for the virus and shipped it throughout the US. What none of them realized was that the so-called vaccination was really death in a bottle and the governments way of gaining control. When the death toll greatly increased the government set up sectors. They closed off several virus free areas, rounded up those still healthy and took control of the distribution of food, water, medications and everything else people needed to survive. 

Now, six years later, those who have managed to live through the disease have banded together into safe zones. Some call themselves Patriots—people who are loyal to the government. There are others, the Revolutionaries, who know that something about the mysterious illness wasn’t right. They’ll stop at nothing to discover where the virus really came from and only God knows what will happen then. 

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Mercedes Lambre Gif Hunt

I don’t own any of these GIFs.

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Hey, you! Stop what you’re doing and read this please!

Hi, my name is Beatriz and I need a photoshop, could you pass me the link of any? It could be anyone!

Thank you!

To puta com voces, como assim, eu reabro a budega e ninguem quer? Vao a bosta!

Central  Regras  Personagens

Os x-men estão todos reunidos novamente e o Instituto Xavier os abriga com o intuito de ensinarem a todos esse jovens o certo e o errado e como controlarem seus poderes. Toda semana, os mutantes são divididos em três grupos que irão ficar sob guarda de três professores. Os três professores irão ensinar todos os passos para que esses jovens se tornem grandes heróis. Próximo ao Instituto existe a Irmandade que abriga jovens rebeldes que se recusam à participarem do x-men. Além, também há os acólitos, um grupo de vilões. Todo mês um x-men, um membro da Irmandade e um acólito é escolhido, os três batalharão, com o intuito de mostrar qual a melhor casa. Veja o plot completo. Não aceitamos OC por enquanto.

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